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Our Policies

Child Protection

We work closely with other agencies and professionals to ensure every child in our care is kept safe.


If at any point, we have a concern about the welfare of any child we’ll consult with other agencies to ensure the safety and welfare of all children.


The full policy is available on request.


If your child needs us to administer any medication, then we need you to complete a wellbeing form. This makes sure our team can support you and your child with their medication needs.


Our medication policy and The Care Inspectorate ‘Management of medication in daycare of children’ guidance is used for medication administration, record keeping and storage.


We aim to offer an excellent service, but sometimes things can go wrong. If this happens to you then please tell us so we can learn and improve our service.


You can do this by speaking directly to the manager of your playgroup, our Area Manager Claire Lloyd at, or our Executive Board at


If you would prefer to speak to someone outwit ourselves, you can contact our regulator The Care Inspectorate on 0345 600 9527.


Our full complaints policy is available on request.

Infection Control

We follow the guidance laid out in ‘Infection and Prevention and Control in Childcare’ and ‘Scottish Government Coronavirus Childcare Providers Guidance’ which are reviewed regularly.

We also have an enhanced risk assessments in place for the children and our team, these are updated regularly.

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